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Jack, Jill & the Beanstalk - December 2022 - January 2023

 We returned to Lacey Green for our second pantomime, which featured Jack & Jill together with their tap-dancing cow, Daisy and all the usual pantomime favorites.  The beautiful Princess, the absent-minded King and his bossy wife - the silly Pantomime Dame, the magical fairy, the baddy and not one, but two village idiots. - all of whom sang and danced way through this year's tale.  We had some very enthusiastic and full audiences and were delighted to welcome several members of the local deaf community to our BSL signed performance.  We didn't manage a pony this year, but there was a stage appearance by the gorgeous golden retriever, Midge.  As always, we are grateful to all those who came along and joined in with the panto fun and, in this instance, to JNP Princes Risbrough for their support with providing advertising boards for us.  

A selection of photos below, taken by Rosalind White

Cast & Crew


King George: George Hutchinson

Queen Charlotte:  Lottie Kitteringham

Princess Jane:  Shelby McGuire

Lord Chancellor:  Adrian Burroughs 

(replaced by James Appleby and Malcom Appleby due to illness

Lord Chamberlain:  Karen Hodghton

(Replaced by Chris Hartley due to illness)

Snitch:  Helena Campbell

Snatch:  Daisy Patton

Dame Elsie Trott:  Archie Wilson

(Replaced by Richard  Higham due to illness)

Jack Trott:  Matthew Appleby

Jill Trott:  Lucinda Ross

Daisy the Cow:  Jen Lavendar & Molly Hutchinson

Fairy Liquid:  Fiona Quilter-Wood

Fleshcreep:  Catherine Law

Ghost:  Maggs McGuire

The Production Team

Director & Choreographer:  Fiona Quilter-Wood

Technical  Manager:  Mickey Gomm

Stage Manager:  Chris Hartley

Production Support:  Lottie Kitteringham

Backstage Support:  Lizzy Hartley

Photography:         Rosalind White  

A Night at the Musicals - September 2022

 Not exactly a production, but our latest adventure was an "evening at the musicals"  We enjoyed performances from Ross Hardman (National Performer and MD of last year's panto) and got a sneak preview of Jack, Jill & the Beanstalk to be staged this Christmas.  All whilst enjoying a delicious home cooked two-course meal prepared by one of our current performers, Karen.  We also had 8 rounds of musicals' based quizzes - wow, didn't realize how competitive everyone was!  Then we enjoyed some fabulous karaoke performances from guests on the evening and some good old favourite sing-a-longs.  We could have kept going for hours and we all had a fabulous evening.  We would like to thank the following people for donating prizes for our raffle:

Handmade by Heather       Twenty Four Hair      The Beauty Barn

Fiona Michaels Flowers       Tesco, Princes Risbrough      M&S, Princes Risbrough

Brief Encounter - May 2022

We were honoured to have the opportunity to present this iconic tale at the beautiful, heritage railway station in Chinnor, Oxfordshire.  It really helped to create the perfect backdrop for this wonderful love story set in the refreshment room of a railway station.  Some of our cast welcomed the audience onto the station platform and helped them to board a beautiful original steam train to enjoy drinks before and during the performance.  We welcomed four new performers to our group for this one - Andrew, Lottie, Matthew and George and we hope they will work with us again in the future.    We also staged a performance at the beautiful Hastoe Hall in the hills above Tring in Hertfordshire - and although no train here, we managed to turn the entire hall into a refreshment room with our cast serving drinks from the "refreshment room" bar direct to our audiences who were seated at table as part of the set. 

Some photos below from

Cast & Crew


Fred/ Albert:  Adrian Burroughs

Alec Harvey:   Andrew Oxlade

Myrtle Bagot:  Catherine Law

Laura Jessen:  Fiona Quilter-Wood

Johnnie:  George Hutchinson

Dolly/Woman:  Karen Hodghton

Mildred:  Lottie Kitteringham

Beryl/Margaret:  Lucinda Ross

Stanley/Bobbie:  Mathhew Appleby

Bill:  Mike Payne

The Production Team

Producer & Creative Director:  Fiona Quilter-Wood

Technical & Stage Manager:  Mickey Gomm

Rehearsal Director:  Ros Warby

Lighting Engineer:  Peter Child

Backstage Support:  Filipa Vilhena

Pianist:  Justin Luke

Photography:         Rosalind White  

Cinderella - December 2022

We have wanted to present a pantomime for some time now, so it was a huge relief when the restrictions were lifted and we were able to bring a traditional family panto to the Buckinghamshire village of Lacey Green.  With all the traditional elements of cross-dressing, audience interaction and fairy sparkles both cast and audiences had a fabulous time.  We had not one, but two horses - Slinky a not quite traditional panto horse - with two heads able to go in both directions and bred to aid social distancing and the beautiful real pony, Daisy who appeared (by magic, of course) for every performance to take Cinderella to the Ball.  This was pantomime in all its traditional, if slightly eccentric glory!  

Some photos below from

Cast & Crew


Buttons:  Anne Mills,   Cinderella: Roz Warby

Dan: Karen Hodghton, Deany: Lucinda Ross

King Bumble:  Adrian Burroughs,  Prince Charming:  Helena Campbell

Primadonna: Catherine Law,   Fairy Godmother:  Fiona Quilter-Wood

Belladonna:  Phil Byrom,  Maradonna:  Mark Wainwright

Mother/Herald:  Filipa Garrido  Slinky:  Mickey Gomm, Adam Holland

Ensemble:  Caroline Byrom, Elizabeth Byrom, 

 Amelia Kenny, Chloe Kenny

The Production Team

Director:   Fiona Quilter-Wood

Technical Manager:      Mickey Gomm

Producer:   Adam Holland

Musical Director:  Ross Hardman

Sound/Lighting Engineer:     Rob Holland

Stage Manager:  Chris Hartley

Photography:         Rosalind White  

Waiting for God - September 2021

There certainly was a lot of waiting with this one! It was auditioned , cast and then  due for performance in June 2020 but, COVID-19 caused several delays and we had many rehearsals via zoom.   Although we had to make changes to our backstage crew due to the pandemic and some illness, all of our cast stayed in place throughout the lengthy delays and finally we were able to perform in September/October 2021 to very appreciative audiences in Wendover, Hastoe and our first appearance at Lacey Green.  There were challenges even during performance weeks, however, with Adrian our leading man having to sadly miss three out of four shows due to illness and then an operation  and our director, Fiona, having to stand in for him last minute (with a freshly operated on hand!)  In true Equus style, however, we did not make a drama out of any of this and we put on the best show possible given the circumstances.  We had some wonderful new performers joining us for this as well as some new crew - who are now with us again for panto!  The cast & crew really pulled together and it was definitely worth the wait! 

Some photos below from

Cast & Crew


Diana Trent:      Lindsay Stafford Smith

Tom Ballard:      Adrian Burroughs

Harvey Baines:      Alistair Sanderson

Jane Edwards:      Penny Pomroy

Marion:      Alisha Westbury

Sarah:     Catherine Law

Millie/Nurse :      Liz Edlin

Maid/Dr Jenny/Undertaker:      Lucinda Ross

Basil/Rev Dennis:     Mike Payne

The Production Team

Producer & Director:       Fiona Quilter-Wood

Technical & Stage Manager:      Mickey Gomm

Assistant Director/Sound:       Jade Harris-Tyler

Sound/Lighting Engineer:     Peter Child

Backstage:       Chris Hartley, Mickey Gomm,

             Fiona Quilter-Wood

Costume Support:     Susan Lanning, Ana Holland, 

                  Melissa Holland

Front of House:     Ron Lanning, Adam Holland, 

              Karen Hodghton

Photography:         Rosalind White  

The Graduate - October 2019

Four performances at four different venues made this one quite a challenge for both cast and crew.  However, as usual, the team pulled together and the results were clear for all to see.  We had some fabulous feedback and it was wonderful to welcome some new members to the cast. Based on the iconic film starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft, this was a surprisingly funny play as well as dealing with the conflicts between these very troubled families.  It also saw the directorial debut of our Finance Manager, Adrian! 

Some photos below from

Cast & Crew


Benjamin BraddockJade Harris–Tyler

Mr BraddockMike Payne

Mrs BraddockLeigh Amos

Mr RobinsonAdrian Burroughs

Mrs RobinsonFiona Quilter-Wood

Elaine RobinsonAlisha Westbury

Desk Clerk/Barmaid/PsychiatristCatherine Law

Receptionist/Stripper/PriestPenny Pomroy

Man in BarMickey Gomm

CarlPeter Child

The Crew

DirectorAdrian Burroughs

ProducerLeigh Amos

MarketingFiona Quilter-Wood

Stage ManagerMickey Gomm

Lighting & Sound Peter Child

PhotographyRosalind White

Guitar & VocalsMike Payne

Our thanks go to:

Grace Hardy for running the auditions for us

Richard & the team at Hastoe

Rosalind White & Maggs McGuire for the loan of props

Sue Lawson for her help with costumes

Georgie Quilter-Wood for her help with sourcing props

Spend, Spend, Spend - June 2019

This musical version of the life of Pools' winner, Viv Nicholson, was staged in three local venues.  the 400 seat Rudolf Steiner in Kings Langley, the more intimate Pitstone Millenium Hall and our first outdoor production at Lindengate, Wendover.  All three venues presented their own challenges, but once again our cast and crew coped with everything we threw at them - even a brand new MD for the final performance!  We also managed to raise for two wonderful local causes - Lindengate Menta Health Charity and #Lets Get Lynne Standing

Some photos below from

Cast & Crew

Michelle BackhouseYoung Viv

Nikki Mattey Viv

Jade TylerKeith

Steve MatteyGeorge

Becky ScottMother & Receptionist

Ash CopelandMatt, Estate Agent, Son, Ensemble

Adrian BurroughsBusinessman, Tax Man, Grandpa, Ensemble

Catherine LawBank Manager, Beautician, Ensemble

Dilly BellinghamBeautician, Bridesmaid, Ensemble

Flora SmithBridesmaid, Belinda, Daughter, Ensemble

Izzy MatteySue, Bridesmaid, Daughter, Ensemble

Justine McCreithBeautician, Stewardess, Tart, Ensemble

Leigh AmosMrs Waterman, Landlady, Ensemble

Maggs McGuireEnsemble

Mark WainwrightVicar, Bruce Forsyth, Husband 5, Ensemble

Matthew MinorsCinema manager, Ensemble

Paul PassiPoliceman, Judge, Stranger, Ensemble

Sandie BuckleCustomer, Keith’s Mother, Ensemble

Terry VealFireman, Granny, Ensemble 

Director & ChoreographerFiona Quilter-Wood

Musical Director/keyboards Samuel Wilson

Vocal CoachDan Cowtan

Technical ManagerMickey Gomm

ProducersAdrian Burroughs & Leigh Amos

Lighting DesignJonthan Stacey

Sound DesignDave Stevens

Sound & Lighting Peter Child, Thomas Hurley

“Door” DesignMike Buckle

BackstageMike Buckle, Mickey Gomm, Fiona Quilter-Wood

FoH & BarEquus Members & Friends

Stand in MD  Justin Luke

Charity Liaison  Georgie Quilter-Wood

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - October/November 2018

We staged this iconic play in three local venues, Hastoe Long Marston and Little Gaddesden.  It was a challenge for everyone involved, not just the cast - several of whom had huge amounts of lines to learn, but the crew who moved and rebuilt the set and staging with only an hour in which to do it and the entire company who had to perform in very different spaces with no rehearsal.  The reviews were fabulous and we are very proud of what everyone achieved. 

Cast & Crew

Maggie the Cat - Fiona Faber

Brick - Marlon Gill

Big Daddy - Colin Bryer

Big Mamma - Damien Bishop

Mae - Leigh Amos

Gooper - Adrian Burroughs

Rev Tooker - Josh Dunk

Dr Baugh - Terry Casserley 

Daisy - Christine Garvey

Sookey - Ana Holland

Trixie - Melissa Holland

Dixie - Izzy Mattey

Polly - Isabella Dunstall

Sonny - Theo Cowtan 

Director - Andrew Faber

Producer - Leigh Amos

Asst Producer - Adrian Burroughs

Stage Manager - Mickey Gomm

Marketing & Box Office - Fiona Faber

Front of House Manager - Matthew Minors

Photography - Paul Adams

Audition Manager - Grace Hardy

Set Design - Fiona Faber & Georgie Quilter-Wood

Comic Potential - April 2018

The Court Theatre, Tring was the venue for this funny and clever play

On the surface of it, this is a romantic comedy about an aspiring playwright who falls in love with an "actoid" - the robots that have replaced actors in daytime soap operas.  However, as always, Ayckbourn manages to do more than just present a comedy.  This is also a successful satire on the workings of television and asks us to question what it is that makes us human.  After some chilly and very funny rehearsals, the cast and crew pulled off three fantastic performances to some very appreciative audiences. 

Some photos below from

Cast & Crew

Adam - Colin Tovee

Carla - Fiona Faber

Chandler - Steve Mattey

Daughter-Technician - Leigh Amos

Dr/Father/Man in Shop - Mike Payne

Girl in Dress Shop - Denise Lussignea

Jacie - Emma Russon

Lester - Adrian Burroughs

Marmion/Assistant - Fran Montague

Mum/Wife/Waitress - Becky Scott

Prim - Sharon Wilson

The Prostitute - Lindsay Smith

Trudi - Liz Edlin

Turkey - Terry Veal

Director - Andrew Faber

Producer - Leigh Amos

Marketing - Fiona Faber & Georgie Quilter-Wood

Stage Manager - Mickey Gomm

Lighting - Suzy Ruck

Sound Design - Nick Cooper

Sound Operation - Peter Child

Stage Crew - Matthew Minors

Programme Printing - Aston Studios

Wardrobe - Mandy Gomm

Photography - Rosalind White

Set Build - Simon Ruck, Cast & Crew

Box Office - Mike and Sandie Buckle

Front of House - Georgie Quilter-Wood &

                                                    volunteers of the Court Theatre

The Flint Street Nativity - December 2014

We staged Tim Firth's fabulous play The Flint Street Nativity at the Espinosa Centre in Berkhamsted.

In this charming and insightful version of a traditional nativity,  the eight-year-old pupils of Flint Street Primary School, all played by adults, perform the nativity play for their parents. The story is based on real events, collected over a period of ten years from Tim Firth's family and friends who were teachers. The results are hilarious and moving and we certainly had a great time bringing this one to the stage.  Please take a look at the show photos below which were all taken by, who we highly recommend! 

Cast & Crew

Innkeeper - Steve Berry

Wise Gold - Damien Bishop

Narrator - Mike Code

The Star - Stephen Davies

Ass - Malcolm Emms

Herod/Joseph - Colin Hubbocks

Angel Gabriel - Fiona Quilter-Wood

Angel - Emma Russon

Wise Frankincense - Eric Wilson

Mary - Sharon Wilson

Shepherd - Jo-Anne Wright

Director - Andrew Faber

Producer - Fiona Quilter-Wood

Ass. Producer & Photographer - Roz White

Stage Manager - Matthew Minors

Musical Director - Lindsay Smith

Wardrobe - Caroline Colebrook & Mandy Gomm

Lighting - Doz Brook 

Set Design - Georgie Quilter-Wood

Set Building - Simon Ruck, Cast & Crew

Programme Printing - Mike Payne

Box Office - Corrina Chute, Emma Shone

Front of House - Georgie Quilter-Wood

Equus Productions is an amateur theatre company producing plays and musicals throughout the year in a variety of venues in Herts and Bucks for both children and adults.

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